Do Not Join ClixSense | PTC Scam Site :Hello Friends,Are you really surprised by hearing what I just said about Clixsense. But it is true to the best of my knowledge. This site is the scam and does not pay to members. I can prove it with a real example.There was a boy named Rahul, he had many friends.

Do Not Join ClixSense | PTC Scam Site
Do Not Join ClixSense | PTC Scam Site

Some of them were rich and always find themselves busy  in enjoying life. Rahul spends a lot of time with them as well as on the internet. One day Rahul read a post about Clixsense and joined it in a very motivated mood and he really thought, I will make some cash out of are reading Do Not Join ClixSense | PTC Scam Site

He was so excited and started working on it. He thought it is only a paid to click system and people get paid here for viewing some advertisement links for a few second. He never checked for surveys and never completed any tasks. Sometimes he plays ClixGrid in the ambition of winning high prizes but unfortunate his was not that much lucky. He stopped playing after a couple of weeks. As a free member, he was earning not more than $0.05 a day.

Do Not Join ClixSense | PTC Scam Site

He started ignoring his friends because of this earning opportunity. His friends call him to hang out but he denies most of the times. His friends started making the joke of him like – How much have you earned in a month? $1.5 good keep going. What would you buy with this little amount? The payout is still so far, it will take more than 5 months to earn $8, and when you request for payout, they will not pay you to fool. You are wasting your time.
He again ignored them and continued working on Clixsense. But after two more months, it started getting bored with him. He never is actively participate even on clicking ads. He rarely signs in, about two or three days a week. And then he lost his interest in ClixSense and joined his Friend Circle again.
After some time, one of his relatives said to him about Clixsense, he laughed and told the relatives that he already experienced it and lost so much time with it. He earned a lot of money but the site did not pay.
This last sentence was a big lie. Rahul never earned even his first payout. But by this false statement, his relative also thought to keep away from Clixsense. It is a SCAM site and never Pays.
There are 90% of Clixsense user is Rahul. Who sign up for it and stop working after several weeks. Even some of them do not click very first ad link in his entire life. For those people – Clixsense is Scam Site.
I experienced Clixsense personally and I would suggest you all the people who are reading this, Clixsense is the greatest earning opportunity on the internet. They do not force anyone to invest. No up gradation compulsory. Just do earn from it. If you can make it, they will pay it.
Don’t be Rahul, and start making money right now.

Do Not Join ClixSense | PTC Scam Site

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