Encrypt Keyboard To Avoid Keyloggers 2016 [How To]:Today we are here to share you about keyloggers you can hackers can use this tool to hack any account easily keyloggers are dangerous they can able to save your keystrokes tracks your activity and can Save the open sites. By this method our many account’s can be easily hacked by the hackers. These keyloggers can detect your bank accounts passwords too. So better it to avoid them as much you can.

Encrypt Keyboard To Avoid Keyloggers 2016 [How To]
Encrypt Keyboard To Avoid Keyloggers 2016 [How To]

So,by this security tricks that shell help you work mainly the working key loggers and save your keystrokes,this encrypt  the keystrokes to avoid your keystrokes spoofing  by these key-loggers, just focus on method below,

STEPS # Encrypt Keyboard To Avoid Keyloggers 2016 [How To]

  • First of all,you need to  download and install the tool KeyScrambler.
  • Then, complete install you have to reboot your system do it.keyscrambler-3
  • after the reboot your pc boot completely and you will the keyscrambler in your taskbar tray where clock seems.
  • then,Click on options from there and Keyscrambler will open and you will see the screen like belowKeyscrambler-2
  • Now if you wish to change shortkey to on/off option you can do it , but default key as mention in picture Ctrl+shift+K ,Now your key scrambler app is ready, open up your browser and type anything you can see that your keystrokes are being encryptedkeylogger
  • That’s it! you are done, now you can see this tool every time you open your browser.


Its all about Encrypt Keyboard To Avoid Keyloggers 2016 [How To] :  by this article you can secure you system/account by keylogger attack,and easy to encrypt your keyboard to avoid keyloggers no buddy can steal your account and hack your pc,don’t forget to share this post to your friend.s

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