Facebook Messenger Introducing Rooms Where you can Chat / Discuss / Topic.: after the video live chat now facebook take next step ahead now Facebook soon launching Facebook Messenger Rooms.where you can chat with friends separately or discuss any your topic privately.but, facebook has restricted to use this option few country only.but the soon company will launch this feature all around the world.

Facebook Messenger Introducing Rooms Where you can Chat / Discuss / Topic
Facebook Messenger Introducing Rooms Where you can Chat / Discuss / Topic

The Facebook “Rooms” feature is similar to Facebook Group chat function.which is already equipped in this app.but, usually peoples use the groups feature to talk privately with their friends and family members.but, there is another unique feature in ‘Rooms‘ if your topic is most attractive to strangers they can join easily and discuss with that topic too.

Facebook Messenger Introducing Rooms Where you can Chat / Discuss / Topic

in order to facebook this feature currently on some developing mode but soon but, facebook launch few country this feature for the trial base.Rumors were circulating on the Internet that the world’s largest social media site is going to launch a new kind of feature on its Messenger app.

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Even, use will have the privilege to set rooms name , privacy , room topic , rooms owner also has the power to kick out any unknown / abuser from the room. if they do not like the strangers to join them. Moreover, if they want to start conversations with the strangers, they can set their room as “Public.” you can set private or public both mode as per your topic.

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Facebook messenger room apps fully functionally encrypted and save apps that stop annoying their friends about the useless discussion.Now, there are rooms available for some subjects, and the users are allowed to choose the topic that they want to talk about.

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Facebook currently experimenting with some feature on its partner WhatsApp Messenger apps because as you know WhatsApp has introduced Video Live Calling feature recently.so Facebook Aim to more spread Facebook feature all round the world.With the new Rooms feature in the Messenger app, there are chances that the number of users of this app will be increased.

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